Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Installing, administering and maintaining email servers now for more than 12 years, I was not at all surprised to find how many online tutorials and even texts there are to setup Postfix on the Ubuntu nix distro. I was however quite alarmed at how incomplete they all seem to be.

Just to try and make sense out of things for myself, I kept a checklist of the steps in setting up an Enterprise-ready open-source mail server. When I kept reading comments from other users online who were as confused as I was with the state of tutorial information, I decided to put my checklist on the web, and postfix-tutorial.com was born.

This tutorial covers all the steps required to install and configure the popular open-source Postfix mail server with Courier for POP email, SASL for authentication and MySQL for configuration and administration. It will support large numbers of users from multiple domains. Included is an option to filter spam with Spamassassin. The installation is based on the current long-term support version of Ubuntu (LTS version 8.04 Hardy Heron expires April 2013).

As well as listing all the steps to deploy Postfix and its trimmings, Postfix-Tutorial.com also offers commercial installation and support services where Postfix will be remotely installed with everything included in the tutorial.

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